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BREAKING: Fed Bureaucrats Busted in MASSIVE Plot Against Trump: SABOTAGE, TREASON

Many of the 2.7 million bureaucrats employed by the federal government oppose President Donald Trump’s policies, and are actively attempting to sabotage his agenda, breitbart has learned.

This sabotage comes in several different forms. Secretly circulating emails among fellow ideologically committed members to plot strategy to oppose Trump. Working behind the scenes with Democratic legislators to create out-of-the ordinary bureaucratic actions. To the most destructive – leaking confidential documents to the press.

Philip K. Howard, chairman of Common Good, a nonpartisan coalition that believes individual responsibility over bureaucracy, is recommending President Trump beat these efforts back through an executive order that would replace the current system.

Howard said, “the civil service system, as currently structured, deprives the President of his executive power under Article II of the Constitution.”

Breitbart gives a few disgusting example of this sabotage,

“A draft executive order directing the CIA to consider reviving interrogation techniques widely regarded as torture was quickly publicized without White House approval—as was the news that Defense Secretary James Mattis and CIA Director Mike Pompeo were allegedly “blindsided” by the proposal.”

“More than 1,000 State Department officials signed and submitted a “Dissent Channel” memo criticizing Trump’s executive order halting refugees from several predominately Muslim countries from entering the country. A memo from acting Attorney General Sally Yates to Justice Department officials telling them not to defend the order was quickly publicized, leading to Yates’ firing by Trump a few hours later.”

“Extensive details of Trump’s combative phone calls with the leaders of Mexico and Australia—calls that ordinarily are private or are described in anodyne terms—were leaked shortly after the calls were over, from sources that likely included U.S. officials concerned by Trump’s unconventional brand of diplomacy.”

Common Good’s Howard summed it up saying Trump must,

H/T: Worldnewspolitics

“President Trump wants to overhaul the civil service. Even ardent liberals agree it needs to be rebuilt, but past efforts at reform have withered in Congress under union power and public indifference. There’s a more direct path: Mr. Trump can repudiate civil service in its current form as a violation of the Constitution’s mandate that ‘the executive power shall be vested in a President.’… Because of civil-service laws passed by Congress…the president has direct authority over a mere 2% of the federal workforce. The question is whether those laws are constitutional.”

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