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BREAKING – Former Dem. Congresswoman Looking At 357 YEARS In Prison

Corrine Brown is big in the political world. She’s partied with Nancy Pelosi, sat on Air Force One, and supported Hillary Clinton, but now she’s looking down the barrel of a gun!

Brown, a former congresswoman, is in court for stealing money from scholarships intended for children. She could wind up with 357 years in prison and a $4.8 million fine, via Washington Examiner.

The charges against her claim she funneled the money, some hundreds of thousands, from a non-profit, One Door for Education, into her own personal funds.

Her former chief of staff is scheduled to speak against her, so not many are wondering if she’s guilty or innocent at this point. Why do the Democrat elites have such close ties to this congresswoman, who is as corrupt as they come?

Brown has been questionable since the very beginning. After winning her election in ’92, Brown had accusations against her from the Federal Election Commission that claimed she broke many finance laws put in place for political campaigns.

She also had several donations from foreigners that she accepted and did not report as well as refusing to report the use of a corporate plane. And this is not all the corrupt Democrat has done — on the contrary, it’s just the beginning.

She has quite the list of misdemeanors, which were collected into a comprehensive list by the Florida Times-Union in July 2016, showing every allegation of suspicious activity during her 27 years in politics. It’s truly shocking.

In 1998, the congresswoman cashed a check for $10,000 from Rev. Henry Lyons, a man who was imprisoned for five years for fraud after being the president of the National Baptist Convention. She claimed to use the money to bus supporters to events.

Two years later, in 2000, Brown was the subject of an investigation with the House Ethics Committee for her involvement in freeing Foutanga Dit Babani Sissoko, a West African millionaire, from prison. She asked Janet Reno, the then attorney general, for aid in releasing him. Her efforts were not successful, but she was gifted a $50,000 Lexus for her efforts.

In 2008, the mayor of Jacksonville was criticized for showing favoritism toward Brown when city workers and sandbags were sent to her house, to protect it from Tropical Storm Fay, rather than the bags being used for the city. Brown later promised to pay $886 for the sandbags when the mayor’s favor turned burdensome.

Keep in mind, this is a woman that rubbed elbows with the likes of President Obama on a fairly regular basis. Either he did not care or simply was not thorough vetting her. It just proves how careless and/or corrupt Obama and the entire Democrat party have been for decades.

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