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BREAKING: Fox News Shocks Viewers With MAJOR Announcement – Things Will Never Be the Same…

Fox News got some bad news this week when a third woman sued the network for claims of racial discrimination.

Mediaite reported that Fox News credit collections manager Monica Douglas just joined Tichaona Brown and Tables Wright in suing the network over allegations that they were racially harassed while working there. All three of the women work in Fox’s payroll department, and their claims seem to center around former network comptroller Judy Slater.

Slater was recently fired  for “abhorrent behavior” which included making discriminatory comments after she worked there for two decades.

In her lawsuit, Douglas claimed that Slater complained she had “black eyes” as opposed to the “Aryan race” who have blue eyes and blond hair. She also accused Slater of calling her Brooklyn neighborhood “the murder capital of the world” and expressing “an unwillingness to even be near black people.”


Douglas alleged that Fox executives were aware of Slater’s behavior and did nothing to stop it. In addition, she claimed Slater pressured her to keep quiet.

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