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BREAKING: GARGANTUAN Welfare A-Bomb Detonates, Obama Is About To Go NUCLEAR!

Our social welfare systems have almost crippled the country.

Welfare is designed to help those who can’t help themselves, those who fell on hard luck and hard times through no fault of their own. Of course, when nearly 1/3 of the entire country receives some form of assistance, something is critically wrong.

Which is why we now have a colossal food stamp scandal tied to the Obama administration (BILLIONS down the drain), and more problems associated with the illegal immigration issue.

We were all shocked to see just how much money Americans wasted on illegal aliens; something that suitably enrages President Donald Trump.

It’s long past time to start clamping down and there are PLENTY of loopholes the leeches use to steal money from the government and hard-working citizens. One of these loopholes involves drug addicts getting assistance.

Well, prepare yourselves, leeches:

This past week, the House of Representatives voted to eradicate an Obama Administration rule that restrict the ability of states to drug-test individuals who apply for welfare benefits.

From The Federalist Papers:

The rule, one of thousands published in the Federal Register last summer, was meant to implement a law requiring people receiving unemployment benefits to be ready and able to work. The law gave states the option of denying benefits to drug users.

But Republicans opposed the rule because it actually limited the option, only allowing states to deny benefits to people in the transportation or pipeline industries, those who use firearms, and those whose jobs would normally require drug testing.

Unsurprisingly, Democrats hate it, as they say the recent change will “throw up too many obstacles for people to receive benefits who are genuinely looking for work.”

No. The only obstacles that exist right now are the aforementioned loopholes and the seemingly countless ways totally unproductive people can essentially steal money from everyone else, year after year.

We’re done with that.

The House resolution now forces the Labor Department to institute a new rule, which was passed under the Congressional Review Act.

This gives Congress the chance to block recently enacted executive orders by passing “resolutions of disapproval” with a simple majority vote.

Then the President has to sign it but as The Washington Examiner noted, Trump will do exactly that:

President Trump is expected to sign it once it clears the Senate. Last week, the Trump administration put out a statement that condemned the Obama-era rule for imposing an ‘arbitrarily narrow definition of occupations and constrains a State’s ability to conduct a drug testing program in its unemployment insurance system.

Damn straight.

And the more Obama edicts Trump can eliminate, the better.

As he said during his fantastic solo press conference, he really DID “inherit a mess” and it’s going to take some time to clean it up. The good news is most of America will be expectant yet patient.

H/T Redwhiteandright

Do your thing, Donald!

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