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BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Makes TERRIFYING Announcement – It’s Not Over…

When Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election to Donald Trump, many of us assumed that she would not run for president again since she will be in her mid-70s in 2020. Unfortunately, it looks like we were dead wrong, as sources are saying this week that Clinton has every intention of running again.

Conservative 101 reported that sources close to Clinton say she is keeping her 2016 campaign team intact so can run for president again in 2020, her third time doing so. Clinton is reportedly so arrogant that she actually believes voters will desperately beg her to run again in four years.

“She’s convinced that, sooner than later, the voters will come to their senses and realize they made a horrible mistake by putting [Donald] Trump in the White House,” the source said. “She’s sure the voters will beg her to get in the race and she says, ‘I’m going to run again in 2020.’”

“She told me—and I’m paraphrasing: ‘Trump has no idea what it’s like to run the biggest corporation in the world, the United States government. He has no f—–g idea how complicated it is, how many cogs are spinning at the same time, how many people are fighting at cross purposes, how much disinformation you get,’” the source added.

The insider went on to say that even Bill Clinton is against the idea, as he believes his wife’s chances at the White House are over.

“Bill hopes Hillary will see the light and change her mind. He’s sure the party will want a fresh new face come 2020,” the source explained.

This shows just how delusional Clinton really is. In 2020, she will be 73 years-old with two failed presidential campaigns behind her. Even her most-devoted supporters have lost all faith in her ability to win an election, which will make it extremely difficult for her to win over Democrats again.

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Source: Truthmonitor

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