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BREAKING: Hillary Rodham Clinton Breaks Silence, Makes MAJOR Announcement

Hillary Clinton has stayed relatively quiet since her humiliating defeat to Donald Trump in the presidential election. That’s why it came as a surprise yesterday when she took to Twitter to slam Republican lawmakers who are not attending Congressional town halls to face their constituents.

“If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the … Congress,” the failed Democratic presidential candidate wrote on Twitter, according to Daily Mail. She included a link to an oped from the Kansas City Star that made the same argument.

This comes as many Republicans have seen their town halls swamped by anti-Trump liberal protesters in the past few weeks as activists have been urging Democrats to confront their congressman to their faces. Trump himself blasted the protesters for this on his own Twitter account.

“The so-called angry crowds in home districts of some Republicans are actually, in numerous cases, planned out by liberal activists,” he wrote on. Tuesday night. “Sad!”

Unfortunately for Clinton, most of Twitter appears to agree with Trump over her.

H/T Truthmonitor

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