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BREAKING – Immigrants REFUSE To Follow Boss’ Orders, Here’s His PERFECT Response:

Yesterday was the official “Day Without Immigrants” protest and all over the country, small businesses were forced to close their doors when their staffs did not show up for work.

One business owner in Oklahoma did not take too kindly to what they did, so he fired them all by text…

The owner did release a statement simply telling everyone he has a strict “no call no show” policy that warrants immediate termination.

The group of workers did not call out, they gave him no warning… they simply did not go to work.

I have been a manager, and I have had this same policy, and we followed it regardless of how good the employee was.

This business owner did the right thing because you cannot make exceptions to a rule such as this because you immediately open yourself up to lawsuits in the future if you fire someone else for the same reason.

Let’s not forget the fact these people cost this man money yesterday. And for that, they want to be rewarded. He may have permanently lost business because these workers in essence went on strike for the day.

If his restaurant runs at top end numbers, it would take him two weeks to make up for the profits he lost on Friday, possibly more as that is likely one of his higher volume days.

The other thing about this that pisses me off is nobody is saying immigrants do not play a vital role in this country, because they do. What we are saying is that ILLEGAL immigrants have no place here, period!

I feel like a broken record but the liberal media, Democrat politicians, and liberal protesters don’t seem to get what the problem here is.

There are rumors about more protests taking place later in the year, but I would advise them all to have backup jobs already secure because there is no way business owners can operate their businesses if they have to fear their staff not showing up.

All that protest did yesterday was cost hundreds, if not thousands, of people their jobs, hurt the small business owner, and probably hurt the possibility of new immigrants getting hired in the near future for fear they will take part in these future protests.

Great job liberals, you screwed yourselves again for people that don’t even belong in this country!

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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