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BREAKING – ISIS Releases Photos Of Their ‘Special’ Execution Plan For Gays. This is Horrific.

Liberals are upset over President Donald Trump’s “Muslim ban” when they should be upset over the heinous acts radical Islamic terrorists commit.

A man was accused of being a homosexual, and a trial under Sharia law sentenced him to be bound, gagged, and thrown off a roof. ISIS released images of this horrific event, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Photo Via Daily Mail
Photo via Daily Mail

This penalty is common in Islamic cultures. If you are something that is displeasing in their religion, including being gay, then you will usually be sentenced to die via some gruesome method.

When will the left realize that Islam inherently clashes with their idea of tolerance? You think it’s offensive when Christian bakeries refuse to make a gay wedding cake? Try being thrown off a building.

There have been too many instances of violent extremist Muslims bringing their barbaric culture norms into the West.

They go into gay nightclubs with guns blazing, they attack and rape women because they don’t have their hair covered — they even harm their own children for being too influenced by the Western culture around them.

And yet Trump is the bad guy for wanting to put a measure in place that keeps radical Muslims out of this country until a better vetting system is in place? Liberals are so focused on getting Trump impeached that they aren’t even thinking anymore.

Throwing open the door to the refugees is not going to keep us safe — these rare attacks will seem like peace compared to the desolation mass immigration will bring onto this country.

The liberals of America have no idea what it means to be persecuted. They would defend any gay person from the slightest discomfort in America, yet they want to bring in people who think of gay people as criminals and deviants! It just doesn’t make sense.

Donald Trump’s decision to pause immigration from several terrorist-hot-bed countries is exactly what this country needs. I and many other Americans will continue to support him. President Trump acknowledges that our system is broken, something the Democrats never did, and he has also vowed to fix it. It will just take time.

Unlike many liberals, I think our freedoms and our peaceful culture deserve to be protected. I don’t want people in our country who would harm gay people or ANY American for that matter.

Liberals can kick and scream all they want, but these kinds of violent acts will not be tolerated in the United States of America.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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