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BREAKING: Israel Just DESTROYED John Kerry with Just 5 Words!

Israel is FURIOUS after the UN banned together, under Obama, to shut down Israeli settlements in favor of Palestine. Then, to add insult to injury, John Kerry gave a “Peace talk” essentially saying Israel is bad they don’t understand the world.

Uhhhhh….Look in a mirror, A$$HOLE! Israel gets the world just fine. Plus now Israeli Leaders have given a new title to Secretary of State Kerry,

The worst Secretary of State in history!

Wow! Those are some pretty HUGE boots to live up to, especially considering his predecessor was Hillary Clinton. Still, they have a point.

Under John Kerry we have seen an attack on Israel, a failure to curb ISIS, nuclear tensions rise with Russia, and, of course, the HORRIBLE Iranian Nuclear deal which gives them ALL the power.

This is just another example of what Saddam Hussein warned us before his death coming true: The United States is doomed to fail in the Middle East because we does not understand the Arab Mind.

Israel, on the other hand, understands Arab mindsets and politics all too well. So while I’m sure they LOVE being lectured by a bunch of Islamic leaders and Europeans who gladly sent them off to the gas chambers a few years ago, I think they will take a PASS on this deal.

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Source: Libertywritersnews

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