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BREAKING – John McCain Caught Being BOUGHT By Muslim Government

Senator John McCain has proven to be a thorn in Trump’s side almost from day one. In the process, he has established himself as a true RINO and a protector of the elite.

Now we know why.

After doing a little digging into McCain, we found his McCain Institute, an organization with a rather suspect list of donors.

Including among the most “generous” donors are the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, the Rothschild’s, and believe it or not, the McCain Presidential Campaign.

The most glaring name on the list is the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia. Just why is McCain accepting money from a country directly linked to the 9/11 terror attacks?

Senator McCain recently grabbed some TV time during an overseas trip for the sole purpose of trashing President Trump and his foreign policy agenda.

So, let me just put it out on the table and wait for an answer… Who owns John McCain?

Not only are the Rothschild’s listed among the organizations top donors, one of the family members is also on the Board of Trustees.

Again, why is a family embroiled in political conspiracy and power struggles so deeply involved with a man that once ran for president? What exactly are their ties to McCain and just how much influence do they have over him?

Finally, I have to wonder why the McCain Presidential Campaign is funneling money into the McCain Institute. I hardly think that is what people who donated their hard-earned money expected when they wrote out these checks for his campaign.

If all of this sounds familiar, it should, because it is eerily similar to the story of Hillary Clinton. They both have funneled money into their charities from terrorist nations, they are both deeply involved with questionable, yet powerful, elite progressives, and they both apparently like to use their charities as a way to buy influence and funnel cash.

Make no mistake about it, patriots, McCain is not only part of the swamp, but he looks to be one of its leaders.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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