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BREAKING: John McCain Just STABBED Trump in The Back! Look at The SICK Thing He Just Did

John McCain just showed his true colors again! He went on “Face The Nation” to push the Democratic conspiracy theory about Russia intervening in the election to help Trump win.

Trump called these claims “Ridiculous,” so McCain went on national TV to bash Trump and push this DISGUSTING conspiracy theory to undermine Trump’s Presidency before it starts! (VIDEO BELOW)

McCain didn’t stop there. It was also announced that he is joining Senator Lindsay Graham and Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer to launch investigation into Russia swaying the election for Trump.

Watch McCain’s ludicrous claim, followed by Kellyanne Conway’s response below:

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Over the past few years, McCain has done more for liberal Democrats than he has for Republicans. In 2013 he tried to push Obama’s MASSIVE amnesty Bill through Congress.

This is another major reason he hates Trump… Because Trump wants to ENFORCE our immigration laws and McCain is an open-borders globalist.

Source: Subjectpolitics

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