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BREAKING: Julian Assange Is Alive And Going To Be Interviewed! See When And Where!

Julian Assange has been in the headlines seemingly everyday over the last few months of the elections. Hillary Clinton tried to rake his name through the mud, but Julian Assange stayed true to his cause, to show how corrupt and full of lies the Clintons are and always have been.

Julian Assange has had political asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy after he was labeled a criminal by the liberals that he has been trying to expose.

Assange’s safety came into question after he lost internet connection and his dead man switch of documents called “insurance” were released to the public, missing the key to unlock them.

Now for the first time in months, Julian Assange is going to appear on a live interview!

Julian Assange was crucial to exposing the lies of the the Clinton Campaign with their release of thousands of Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Manager John Podesta’s emails.

Without these emails being released, the Clinton’s lies and scandals wouldn’t have been exposed and the world would be none the wiser.

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have done this country a great service and it is great to see that he is alive and going to be seen publicly for the first time in a long time.

Source: Usapoliticstoday

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