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BREAKING: Look Who The U.S. House Is Voting To Impeach…Obama is ANGRY AS HELL!!!

Barack Obama caused major problems in american society. These 8 years were the worst time for our nation in the modern american history. Our economy is completely ruined, illegal immigration on top plus worsen international relations and reputation. According to Political Insider there is a rumor that White House may soon be able to vote to Impeach Obama or some people on crucial positions in his administration. Above all, this prosecution (if possible to happen) is able to tell how independent our juridical system is.

Corruption scandals, vacations worth millions of dollars, vast waste of money for suspicious foundations etc. Are the donors of Obama strong and powerful enough to make another manipulation and save him from the face of justice? Probably, yes. Anyways, someone is going to get punished!

“The conservative wing of the Republican-led House of Representatives is ready to force a full vote on the impeachment of President Barack Obama’s IRS Commissioner John Koskinen,” the Political Insider reported.

Good. Koskinen oversaw a scandalous IRS that included the purposeful delay of nonprofit applications from organizations that had such words as “patriot” and “tea party” and “conservative” within their descriptions. He, when asked about his knowledge of the situation by Congress, didn’t just dodge – he lied.

“Koskinen has been shown to have lied under oath during testimony regarding the deliberate targeting of private citizens, along with conservative groups and national Tea Party organizations,” the Political Insider reported.

So now, Rep. Jim Jordan’s announced he’s bringing forward a resolution to impeach Koskinen. And a full vote is on its way within days.Jordan’s view?

“Koskinen needs to be held accountable,” he said, the news outlet reported. “We will make a motion to impeach Mr. Koskinen.”

In addition, look how the nation reacted to this announcement:

After all, this is an action that requires a massive unity and cooperation between all republicans and conservatives. Impeachment is a hard thing to accomplish because of the voting system, but anyhow a majority of votes may cause a hard prosecution against Obama’s administration.


Source: Proud-patriots

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