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BREAKING: Look Who Virginia Gunman Visited Before Shooting

The Virginia Gunman was out-of-work, out-of-money, and brainwashed by the liberal media, according to new information released by the FBI.

The rabid Democrat who opened fire on Republican congressman last Wednesday visited the Senate office of Bernie Sanders before the shooting. He was also in email communication with the Democrat Senators from his home state (via AP news).

John Hodgkinson descended on Eugene Simpson Stadium Park in Virginia with a rifle and a 9mm handgun that he purchased immediately after the election of President Trump.

The madman opened fire from behind the third base dugout on the Republicans practicing for the Congressional charity baseball game scheduled the following day.

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), the Republican House Majority Whip, was standing on second base and was shot in the hip. Thankfully, due to his political position, Scalise was accompanied to the field by Capitol Police.

The three officers in attendance at the practice leaped into action. Two officers rushed onto the field to help the congressmen while the third provided cover and returned fire.

Additional Capitol Police arrived on the scene within three minutes and joined in the gun fight. Hodgkinson managed to shot four innocent victims before succumbing to police fire.

Rep. Scalise was originally in critical condition but has improved after receiving multiple surgeries. His condition was upgraded to “fair” yesterday evening.

Upon investigation, the FBI learned that the shooter was living out of a van outside of Washington D.C. for three months before the attack. Hodgkinson clearly had a plan to harm Republicans, but police claim the shooting was a “spontaneous” attack. The FBI has yet to uncover evidence that the assault on the baseball field was premeditated.

The shooter was a 66-year-old, out-of-work home inspector. He engaged in typical tourist behavior in the nation’s capitol until he ran out of money. According to the FBI, Hodgkinson was in dire straits. He was having difficulties in his marriage and had no job prospects. He was looking for work while living out of his van in Washington.

In reality, Hodgkinson was the Democrat equivalent of the young Muslim men brainwashed to fight for ISIS. He was alienated and felt powerless as the media detailed the evils of President Trump.

The media slowly convinced Hodgkinson that violence was the only option to resist President Trump. With little to live for — and the misguided belief he would bee seen as a martyr — the rapid Leftist attacked the Republicans on the ball field.

In reality, he was just a terrorist. Another evil loser convinced by the elite to resort to violence. The only difference between Hodgkinson and a jihadi it that Hodgkinson wasn’t radicalized by an Imam…he was radicalized by MSNBC.

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