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Donald Trump has gone and done it again, fellow patriots. The President-elect is one fast mover!

Stanley Black & Decker is going to move its manufacturing of tools and other items BACK to the United States. They are doing this because Donald Trump will soon be in the White House. Corporation CEO James Loree made the announcement about bringing jobs (and tax revenue) back to the USA during a conference call with investors on Thursday.

The Stanley Black & Decker CEO said it just makes “business sense” to relocate the corporation’s manufacturing operations back to America. Loree pointed out the uncertain nature of trade relations with China and Mexico played a significant role in the decision.

“It’s going to be advisable to have more manufacturing in the U.S.,” Loree continued. “We believe this is an excellent opportunity to re-Americanize and revitalize this legendary brand.”

“Re-Americanize” has an awfully beautiful ring to it. Blue collar workers, and under-employed middle class Americans trained in business and office operations, are surely rejoicing about another opportunity being created to earn a reliable and living-wage paycheck. Thank you President-Elect Trump!

In 2013 Stanley Black & Decker had only a few jobs left in the United States. The corporation employed only about 800 American workers.

Today, the company has about 3,000 American workers, but most positions do not appear to be blue collar manufacturing jobs. Just a few months back Obama said we basically need to come to terms with the idea manufacturing jobs are never going to make a come back in the United States. He suggested we begin training for the kind of tech jobs which will be available.

Obama was wrong. He might have been right if Hillary Clinton had won the election, but she LOST!

Stanley Black & Decker recently purchased the Sears Craftsman line for approximately $900 million. The fiscally healthy company should rest assured the Americans it is about to employ will work hard every day to produce quality tools that will be used by families building their first homes and by workers on job sites completing infrastructure rebuilding and store expansions. This will surely be coming soon after Trump takes the oath of office.

Manufacturing and energy industry jobs had been putting food on the table and providing the financial security to buy a home in rural and urban Rust Belt areas for many, many decades. Then, Liberals garnered more and more power and those jobs quickly evaporated.

Tech jobs were never going to come to blue collar urban neighborhoods, and they surely were not going to pop up in rural regions where half of the residents rely on satellite internet to connect to the internet. Liberal policies have also nearly killed the family farm, taking away yet another steady and pride-inducing source of income for rural Americans.

Donald Trump knew all of this, and is focused on restoring the once economic mainstays in the Midwest and beyond!

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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