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BREAKING: Maxine Waters Accidentally SPILLS THE BEANS, Implicates Obama in Crime Scandal

Maxine Waters is the latest of the anti-Trump idiots to overplay her hand and show her cards too soon.

Waters has been rabidly anti-Trump ever since the election. The usually chatty Democrat from California has been one of the leading talking heads when it comes to the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory.

Last Friday, Waters said, “I think there is a trail, and I think the Obama administration has done everything that it can possibly do…to make sure that enough people have seen some of the meetings and some of the connections.”

Now I am no legal expert, but that sure sounded like Waters admitted that she knew about some wiretaps Obama had in place to make sure they saw and heard everything that was going on!

Waters and other Democrats are calling for an independent investigation of Trump’s administration, especially Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Of course, why hold an investigation when you can just force Sessions to resign instead?

Many Democrats and their media wing (see: the mainstream news) have already drawn that same conclusion. They have grown so unhinged that even the progressive Vanity Fair has chastised them.

I would bet this anti-Sessions hostility is the result of the Alabama senator’s hard-line stance against illegal immigration. However, the majority of Americans support greater immigration restrictions. The Democrats are way out of touch.

As much as Waters seems gung-ho on attacking President Trump, her words clearly indicate that former president, Barack H. Obama, is deeply involved with the ongoing leaks and insinuations about Russia’s involvement in the current administration.

Even the failing The New York Times reported that Obama officials spent their final days in the White House spreading the Trump-Russia story around to all levels of the government and to the media.

President Trump has boldly countered these claims by accusing Democrat leaders like Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and Obama himself of having ties to Putin. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) accidentally helped Trump’s cause by Tweeting that she had never been in contact with Russian officials — which was later revealed to be a blatant lie!

Of course, none of this obvious insanity has done anything to put the brakes on Waters’ personal crusade. “I’m going to continue to do my work, to do everything that I can possibly can, to help connect the dots…” she said.

Maybe Maxine Waters knows that the former Communist-in-Chief is currently using all of his clout and “grassroots” organizations to disrupt, discredit, and dismantle the Trump presidency. So far, the Russian conspiracy story has backfired. The Trump administration has turned the tide by exposing the depths of Obama-era wiretapping on his political opponents.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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