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BREAKING: Megyn Kelly Out at Fox News? Look Where She’s Headed

It looks like Megyn Kelly is out at Fox News. The past year has been a rough one for the Anti-Trump pundit. It started going south for her when she attacked Trump in the first GOP debate and she has been in a tailspin ever since. She is reportedly “despised” by fellow on-air talent and her newly released book hasn’t even sold 500,000 copies.

Matt Drudge is reporting that CNN President Jeff Zucker is close to signing Megyn Kelly for the 8 or 9 pm slot. “He is moving the Himalayan mountains to get her,” an insider said.

The Drudge report did a poll and nearly 70% said CNN would be a better fit for Megyn. This is no surprise considering She has been against Trump since he started, and her ratings have been plummeting.

The Drudge had a poll asking which would be a better fit, and these are the results so far:


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Source: Subjectpolitics

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