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BREAKING – Melania Makes HUGE First Lady Announcement, MILLIONS Are Cheering

Melania Trump is showing the American people that she is going to be a great First Lady, despite the liberal hate agenda against her and her family.

Melania Trump has officially announced that she will be fighting against cyberbullying as our First Lady. This is very fitting, considering she and her son have received a lot of condemnation over the internet recently, via Inquistr.

Barron Trump has been subject to ridicule all because he is in the public eye as our First Son. He has been falsely accused of being autistic and called a future “homeschool shooter” and “date rapist to be.” All of these insults were thrown by adults! This is inexcusable, and clearly our culture has a problem.

For her part, Melania has received a lot of hateful comments because of her career as a former super model. She has posed nude before. Some claim this makes her unfit to be the First Lady. I don’t know why the public, especially liberals, are so scandalized about this!

It’s not like the rest of the people on the cover of magazines are dressed in wimples and high collar dresses — all the covers of magazines have women scantily dressed and men without shirts on. Plenty of models have posed nude — it’s part of their job.

Liberals claims they should be able to dress (or not dress) however they want, but then they fire off at Melania for posing nude for a magazine? These people are nothing but hypocrites.

I think her past actually makes her relatable to American women in this country. She’s a legal immigrant who worked hard to achieve her goals. She had her ups and downs, and she didn’t grow up with an easy life.

She worked for what she got, and she was successful before she ever met Donald Trump. Then, she married a man every bit as intelligent and successful as her. Of course, I doubt she cares if people can’t see that, but she does care about any children who are subject to cyberbullying.

Children today are at higher risk for suicide and depression because the ruthless teasing of kids has become rampant on the internet. Even after school, there is nowhere to hide from the hate, and most cyberbullying is made publicly searchable.

This greatly affects children. Not everyone realizes this, but bullying and teasing can affect children all the way into adulthood. They grow up with no self-esteem and never amount to anything because they don’t think they’re worth anything. We need to counter this by helping our children grow self-confidence!

I think it is great that Melania will be an advocate for these children. Melania is trying to raise her son with the best things she can teach him, such as kindness, honesty, and compassion.

I’m glad that Melania Trump will be showing the youth of today that they are beautiful on the inside as well as the outside, and that they don’t have to listen to the horrible words of other people. She is, without a doubt, going to be an excellent First Lady.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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