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BREAKING: Meryl Streep Gets HORRIBLE News – Her Fans Are SHOCKED

So you know Meryl Streep, right? The Hollywood liberal loon that trashed Trump at the Golden Globes Awards? The washed up actress?

Well, miss prima donna, Streep is getting trashed by her designer at Chanel for backing out of her dress! Here’s how it went down:

Streep liked a dress that Chanel had in their line and approached them about wearing it at the Oscars. She also requested that they make some alterations for her. Done and done!

They ordered the dress – at a cost of $105,000!! – and modified it to her exact specifications only to receive a call from one of her assistants who told them to cancel the dress because they found someone who would not only give her a dress – but also pay her to wear it at the Oscars!

This just goes to show you how far removed from reality these liberal loons in Hollywood truly are! It wasn’t enough that she was getting a dress that she loved for free, and that someone had already spent time and money to tailor it to her exact wishes… no, she kept her options open for a better offer! How disprespectful!

H/T Envnewsdaily

Her designer had the last laugh, though, when he said, “A genius actress, but cheapness also, no?”

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