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BREAKING: Mike Pence Casts Tie-Breaking Vote To KILL Major Obama Law

Degenerate Democrats may not have cared one bit for young lives, but the Trump administration clearly does.

Mike Pence, our vice president, rushed to the Senate this morning to ensure legislation regarding the removal of an Obama administration rule, which prevents states from cutting off federal grants to Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers, goes through.

If this passes, and the states are put back in charge of whether or not Planned Parenthood gets funding, it’s likely that more young souls will have the chance to be born.

The Senate was caught in a 50-50 tie this morning, and Pence was called in to cast the final, deciding vote. He may also be called upon again for the final passage vote.

The Obama administration held the states in a half-nelson, forcing them to fund Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers whether they wanted to or not.

Republicans have long tried to block ALL taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood, but liberals have always stood in the way. However, if this new legislation becomes law, states will have a chance to say “no” to funding these abortion providers.

Not all states will stop funding Planned Parenthood, but those who want to will now have the choice. And many states DO want to stop funding these abortion providers. As a result, this plan is a near-perfect compromise.

Republicans Sen. Joni Ernst and Rep. Diane Black initially requested the overturning of the Obama rule. In writing, they stated, “According to its 2014-2015 annual report, Planned Parenthood performed 323,999 abortion procedures in just one year. Taxpayers should not be forced to subsidize the abortion industry in this country. Nor should they be forced to foot the bill for an organization like Planned Parenthood that has displayed such blatant disregard for human life.”

If this new ruling passes, thanks to Mike Pence, depending on what state you live in, your taxes will no longer go towards funding abortions. Instead, your taxes will go towards SAVING lives.

Mike Pence has always stood firm on the matter of abortion, and he hasn’t let up now that he’s in office and off the campaign trail. It’s a comfort knowing we can count on Vice President Pence to look out for the lives of unborn children.

While the previous administration forced We the People to pay for the irresponsible actions of others, the new administration is doing everything possible to make sure our money goes where it’s needed most. Thank you, Mike Pence!

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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