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BREAKING: Mike Pence Delivers WONDERFUL News For The US Troops! America Will Celebrate After This

This is why we love Mike Pence. He is a true patriot and he loves our troops. Doesn’t it feel great to have a man in our government that cares about the men and women that give their lives for this country?

*** It’s a lot better than having Obama!!

Mike Pence and Donald Trump are making it a priority for Americans to start respecting our military again. Thank God.

Check out what Mike Pence did yesterday.

That’s right. He made a promise to our troops. He has always made this promise. Here is Pence several years ago.

Here is what he promised to our troops.

*** Share this article if you love Mike Pence! This is how a real president acts.

So glad that we have left the Obama years for good! Give our troops a ‘GOD BLESS’ in the comments just for the hell of it. Thanks, patriots!

H/T: Libertywritersnews

It is people like Mike Pence and our troops that make this country great.

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