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BREAKING – Military Service Men and Women Get ‘Christmas Surprise.’ Please Support!

The hard work of Republicans in the House and Senate has finally borne some fruit for our military service members– right in time for Christmas!

The FY-17 Defense Authorization Bill has just been signed into law. Overwhelming pressure from our Republican leaders has forced Obama’s hand, so we can finally give our wonderful troops some of the support they desperately need.

This Bill will give our troops their biggest pay raise in six years! Military wages under Obama’s administration have been essentially frozen in an iceberg, and the Republicans have been dutifully taking their ice picks to it.

They even managed to get several Democrats behind the bill in the Senate, passing it an overwhelming 72-7. Among those seven who denied the bill were mainly Democrats but also included Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) and Rand Paul (R-Ky). (via Defense Daily)

Now that it has been signed into law, it will grant $619 billion for defense.

This includes funding oversea contingency operations (OCO) at $60 billion and readiness stabilization at $3.2 billion, two desperately needed areas of focus.

On this issue, John McCain (R-AZ), Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman, said this, “The bold reforms achieved in this year’s legislation on defense acquisition, military healthcare, military justice, and security cooperation are a worthy contribution to this historic legacy of bipartisan support for our troops.”

He added, “And I am especially proud that this legislation provides our troops with the largest military pay raise since 2010.” That’s just like McCain, to have his focus on each and every individual who serves our nation, to ensure they are properly taken care of.

Mac Thornberry (R-TX) also hit the nail on the head with one of his comments afterward, saying, “This is a significant step for our troops, our allies, and America’s national security, but there is still much work ahead to repair the damage done to our military over the past several years.”

Our Republicans are already looking to the future, prepared to get out from under Barack Obama’s thumb and make some leaps for our military! I’m sure Donald Trump will make some great decisions to further their efforts. Get ready to move from a crawl to a sprint!

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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