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BREAKING – Multiple Secret Service Agents ESCORTED From White House After SICK Plan Exposed

With radicals on the left going absolutely berserk over our current political climate, protection for President Trump is of the utmost importance.

Yet, it sounds as though the Secret Service may be compromised. Two, perhaps more, agents were forced to resign and were walked out of the Eisenhower Executive building. If the agents truly had questionable loyalty to Trump, his life was in danger! 

As you can see from the above tweet, the source for this story is Steve Clemmons, editor-at-large of the Washington wing of The Atlantic. He has also been a contributor at MSNBC.

Further along in his tweets Clemmons revealed that his sources for the story are the two Secret Service agents, both at management level. According to Clemmons, these people were individually told to resign, escorted out of the building, and later told each other what had happened.

Thus, it is possible that other Secret Service agents were also individually forced to resign and have yet to reach out to anyone about this event.

As for the reason, allegedly even the agents who were let go do not know why the agency forced them out. One agent, again according to Clemmons’s Twitter, speculates that Trump is “restructuring” the Secret Service. There are also rumors they were slow-walking the investigation into O’Grady, which would legitimately put the life of the president in danger by having disloyal agents on his protective service detail.

With the recent questions of loyalty surrounding one Secret Service agent, Kerry O’Grady, I say you can’t be too cautious. She implied that she would not “take a bullet” for President Trump in a social media post, as the Angry Patriot has previously reported.

While she later said such ideas would not affect her job, O’Grady had posted questionable comments about President Trump over a span of months, leading some to believe that the Secret Service’s eventual response to this situation was far too slow. If these agents were let go for having similar anti-Trump sentiments, I hope the Secret Service leadership is prepared to dismiss anyone with even a hint of disloyalty to the president.

To be clear, Secret Service agents may, of course, have personal opinions, but they are forbidden from making public posts about their feelings. They also have to be willing to die for the president, regardless of how their personal feelings match up with the president’s politics. It is a job that requires the utmost discipline and loyalty. I hate to think that some agents are willing to drag down the good name of the Service over petty anti-Trump sentiment.

As of now, neither the Secret Service nor the White House have responded to Clemmons’s request for comment. But, these were the last tweets he sent out before boarding his plane this morning…

My deepest hope is that nothing more nefarious was planned, but if it were, the dismissed agents would be the last people to tell us that.

H/T: Angrypatriotmovement

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