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BREAKING – Muslim Refugees Land At Airport To Defy Trump, Get RUDE Awakening

Muslim refugees who were en route to America before President Trump signed his terrorist ban executive order landed by the hundreds at airports across the country.

Apparently, they didn’t think Trump would fulfill his campaign promises so quickly because they were shocked when they realized that interviews for Visas have, indeed, been paused! Neither will any be printed, of course, via the New York Times.

International Refugee Assistance Project attorneys were aghast when the refugees from the seven countries were halted at the airport. Their cohorts soon arrived outside terminals to protest.

Casting logic and their own safety aside, the liberal protesters and celebrities lambasted President Trump. They called him a racist and mislabeled his executive order as a Muslim ban.

However, the Department of Homeland Security has still not deported a Muslim refugee, Hameed Khalid Darweesh, who was released after enhanced screening because of his service as an interpreter for the U.S. Army in Iraq. This proves Trump’s order was a common sense terrorist ban and not a Muslim ban.

Darweesh was detained for about 19 hours until the screening was completed, but that is a small price to pay for being given asylum in the United States and to protect the American public. President Trump is not opposed to letting Muslims into the country — he merely wants to deliver on his worthy vow of weeding out any potential terrorists first.

“America is the land of freedom, the land of the life,” Darweesh said upon exiting the airport in Queens. “This is why I came here. Really, I am very thankful.”

When a federal judge, appointed by Barack Obama, ordered that green card holders who were already on the way here had to be let in, the liberal protesters thought they had won and that President Trump’s executive order was squashed, but they were wrong. His executive order was not deemed illegal and is still being enforced, with the exception of the folks with green cards who had already landed.

“A more rigorous vetting process,” is what Donald Trump promised. That is exactly what our country needs. I understand that perfectly peaceful people from these countries want to come in, and I welcome them, but we have to tell them apart from the terrorists first.

Democrat Representatives Jerry Nadler and Nydia Valazquez went to the Queens airport to meet with Darweesh, the translator, while he was being detained. They could have helped calm tensions and cleared up misconceptions about President Trump’s executive order, but they chose instead to fuel the protests.

What happened after Muslim travelers from the seven countries impacted by President Donald Trump’s terrorist ban should be far more of a story than covering liberal protesters and celebrity comments about the temporary ban. The mainstream media are not really covering the incidents that unfolded at airports because the unbiased truth does not further their anti-Trump narrative.

Liberals do not like it, so they protest and make lengthy speeches at celebrity awards shows. They have every right to exercise their First Amendment rights, even when their views are flawed, their rants are biased, and the facts are omitted from their mainstream media interviews.

Americans spoke loud and clear on November 8. We want a secure and safe country. If we had wanted something different, Hillary Clinton would have won.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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