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BREAKING: N. Korea Issues Nasty Surprise to U.S. Navy – Pray For America

The situation in North Korea is becoming more intense as Kim Jong-un continues to advance his regime’s missile capabilities, bringing the threat of a nuclear strike against the U.S. mainland closer to becoming a reality with each passing day.

Now the US Navy has made a terrifying discovery–North Korea is developing technology that will allow them to launch nuclear missiles from submarines, CNN reported. If action isn’t taken soon, Kim Jong-un will pose an existential threat to America.

Defense officials revealed that they found evidence of an “ejection test” at North Korea’s Sinpo Naval shipyard–the fourth this year. This is a critical step for Kim’s dictatorial regime in developing submarine launch capabilities.

An ejection test is a way of reviewing a missile’s “cold launch system,” a method by which a missile is first shot out of its launch canister via high-pressure steam before its engines ignite.

Cold launch systems prevent flames from the missile’s engine from causing damage to the submarine or nearby equipment. Mastering this technology is critical for North Korea to be able to dispatch nuclear warheads at the United States.

Additionally, a North Korean Sang-O submarine was observed in the Yellow Sea for an extended period, and two Romeo submarines were spotted in Japanese waters for about a week each.

These “highly unusual and unprecedented levels” of North Korean submarine activity point to a push by Kim Jong-un to perfect his country’s nuclear capabilities–which they can then leverage to subdue the US under their communist agenda.

The work on submarine launch systems follows a major North Korean breakthrough in Pyongyang last month. A July 28 test of intercontinental ballistic missiles showed that North Korea might already have the ability to hit the American mainland, according to The Independent.

The new danger is the result of North Korea developing force-stabilizing engines that counter the effects of wind. This allows North Korean missiles to achieve greater height, range, and power than ever before. The threat of nuclear assault draws nearer. Americans are looking to President Trump for leadership against this growing enemy.

The president has asserted his determination to keep North Korea from achieving a nuclear weapons system capable of striking the US. In response to Kim Jong-un’s recent provocations, Trump said, “We’ll handle North Korea. We’ll be able to handle North Korea. It will be handled. We handle everything.” The question is what moves will Trump make next?

So far, the president has sought to pressure China into using its close trade relationship with North Korea as leverage for getting Kim Jong-un to halt his nuclear weapon development. The results have been non-existent.

Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui, who recently blew the lid on Chinese espionage in the U.S., called the idea of using China against North Korea “madness,” according to Washington Free Beacon. Guo said the Chinese secretly support North Korea’s belligerent stance.

Whether the U.S. works with China or goes it alone, it must move quickly. The clock is ticking.

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