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BREAKING – Obama Breaks His Silence, Sends Trump THIS Disgusting Insult

Like Hillary Clinton, Obama is choosing to side with the protesters rather than with the government and the new administration that was elected by the American people.

His spokesman, Kevin Lewis, stated, “President Obama is heartened by the level of engagement taking place in communities around the country. [T]he president fundamentally disagrees with the notion of discriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion,” via the Washington Examiner.

That’s funny, considering that other presidents put similar bans in place. Some of them, like Obama, were Democrats, as per the Federalist Papers. When President Trump does it, however, it’s automatically a persecution of people based on their religion?

Jimmy Carter did not allow people from Iran into this country. Ronald Reagan barred undocumented aliens coming from Cuba from being allowed into America.

Bill Clinton barred those who were from Haiti, those who were in the military and their families because of the coup d’état in 1991.  And Obama? He banned people from Iraq from coming to this country. He used similar orders six times.

But sure, Donald Trump is the racist and the bigot. He’s the only one “against” all Muslim people. Based on that logic, all of these previous presidents would also be considered bigots. Even the liberals’ precious Obama.

The fact of the matter is that what Donald Trump did is nothing new. He stated during his election campaign what he was going to do, but I think the liberals just didn’t think he would do it.

They assumed that, like Obama, Trump made a lot of promises but had no intention of keeping them. Then, Trump jumped into action and started the ball rolling, and the liberals had just come out of their “safe spaces” and were not prepared for it.

In reality, this is not about religion — Donald Trump does not care what religion you call your own. You could worship a flying spaghetti monster for all he cares because this is not about religion. This is about terrorism — this is about protecting this country and ALL who legally reside here.

Liberals, stop dramatizing the ban and acting like this type of thing has never happened before. This is something that has to be done because our fellow Americans are getting blown up and shot, because terrorists are able to slip through the cracks of our immigration system.

If you are against Trump’s ban, which is temporary, then you had to have been against the ban Obama placed on Iraqis. Otherwise, you’re a hypocrite. It has nothing to do with religion or the people of Islam in general, but it does have everything to do with terrorism and keeping our people safe from it.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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