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BREAKING: Obama Caught In $1 BILLION Criminal Scandal – Should He Be Prosecuted?

Obama was criminally careless with our money, and we’ll never be reimbursed. The federal government can’t act responsibly, so let’s be thankful Trump is cleaning house.

Obama’s Social Security Administration paid out $1 billion to people who did not even possess a social security number. The hard-earned money of American taxpayers was cast about like candy for the past eight years, and Obama needs to be prosecuted for it, Free Beacon reports.

An inspector from the federal agency found many cases where social security benefits were paid out in error to representative payees for individuals receiving either disability or retirement monthly payments.

The $1 billion was paid out to 22,426 different representative payees. The inspector general also found Social Security Administration staff completely ignored the rule requiring them to keep a paper copy of the application associated with the beneficiary and the representative payee supporting their actions in the case.

Why so many of the representative payees did not have social security numbers is even more infuriating than the act of playing fast and loose with the rules. Illegal immigrants do not have social security numbers because they are not supposed to be on American soil.

Instead of arresting and scheduling deportation hearings when these people requested to become a representative for a minor child, the Social Security Administration rewarded their illegal border crossings by handing them a check every month!

“Furthermore, unless it takes corrective action, we estimate SSA will pay about $182.5 million in benefits, annually, to representative payees who do not have an SSN or paper application supporting their selection,” the inspector general said in the shocking new report detailing the Obama administration’s carelessness.

Since 2004, a total of $853.1 million in taxpayer-funded benefits were paid to people who had been terminated as representative payees by the Social Security Administration. The failure to update computer records and to keep a paper copy as required led to the massive mismanagement of our money.

Throughout his administration, Obama demanded We the People pony up our “fair share” to fund social services agencies, infrastructure, and essential services. He and his minions should have taken far better care of our dollars!

Jut six percent of representative payees actually had properly recorded social security numbers on file with the federal agency. The statistic was arrived at after the inspector general sampled the case files on a random sample of 100 beneficiaries.

There are about 5.7 million people acting as representative payees for individuals getting a social security check. Some of the payees act as a representative for more than one beneficiary.

It has been quite a while since I graded papers, but I’m still pretty sure that I would give the agency an “F” grade, perhaps even an “F-” mark. There is no excuse for such complete disregard for the rules and funds provided by American taxpayers.

So far, it does not appear that any of the social security staff who broke the rules while tossing our money around have been fired. They should be held accountable for the misspent funds — and so should Obama!

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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