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BREAKING: Obama Placed ISLAMIC SPIES in the Federal Government – Details Are Treason!

Obama may be out of the White House, but the spies he embedded before he left are still doing his dirty work. President Trump needs to root these traitors out!

House Democrat IT staffers involved in a security probe secretly took $100,000 in Iraqi money! The rogue congressional staffers had administrator level access to the computer network which served the House of Representatives, and they stole untold amounts of sensitive records, The Daily Caller reports.

The $100,000 in Iraqi money was reportedly given to the IT staffers in the form of a loan given from Dr. Ali al-Attar. The Islamic political figure funneled the funds through a company which possessed supposedly “impossible” to decipher electronic financial transactions the IT staffers themselves controlled.

Pakistani brothers Imran, Abid, and Jamal Awan provided IT services for then DNC Chair Debbie Wassernam-Schultz since 2005. Imran Awan is reportedly the ring leader of the tech services company run by the brothers.

The Awan brothers worked for DOZENS of Democrats in the House as well. The liberals who opened up their computers to the Islamic IT guys included members of the intelligence, homeland security, and foreign affairs committees, including Indiana Representative Andre Carson and California Representative Jackie Speier.

It is shocking to fathom exactly what sensitive information and documents the trio were privileged to during the past 12 years. If the Capitol Police had not launched a criminal investigation into the Awan brothers, they would still be elbow-deep in sensitive documents.

The disgraced former head of the DNC is not answering questions about her hiring of the Awan brothers. She had repeatedly declined to fire them — they were still employed by our federal government on February 6.

The chiefs of staffs for the Democrats who employed them were notified of a criminal investigation being launched into their actions on February 2. The IT spies could do a lot of damage in four days, especially if they knew their termination was coming.

The police investigators discovered the Awan trio were copying congressional information to an off-site server. The investigators suspected the brothers of first improperly accessing and then stealing government documents.

Not long after the Awan brothers started working for House Democrats, Imran and Abid’s wives, Hina Alvi and Natalia Sov, started getting paychecks from Congress! Just four years after becoming the Democrats’ IT guys of choice, the Awan family also started running a car dealership in Virginia full time.

Abid Awan reportedly contributed $250,000 in start up money for the business. It is called Cars International A, LLC and was referred to as CIA in the pending criminal case file.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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