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BREAKING – Obama Setting Up ‘Shadow Government’ With CHILLING Anti-American Mission

We thought he was gone, that America was finally rid of Obama, but that may not be so. If this is true, we all must remain alert and do our part to protect America — and Trump!

Former President Barack Obama and his army of 30,000 supporters might be setting up a “shadow government” to further their devious, anti-American plan against President Trump, New York Post reports. Obama, in his rental mansion just a few blocks from the White House, is poised for a full-court press to launch attacks on our new president!

According to the report, Obama’s “army of agitators” are ready, willing, and able to do so. A flurry of pointless lawsuits and riots deemed peaceful protests by the mainstream media are likely going to be part of our daily lives for the next four to eight years.

Obama also reportedly has 250 offices set up around the country to further his unpatriotic agenda. He definitely will not be fading away into that great good night like we had hoped.

The former president is not just attempting to interrupt Trump’s administration with vile words — he is using the deep pockets of liberal billionaires to force action. The Obama Foundation isn’t fully launched yet, so the liberal elitist is making use of existing anti-American groups to do his bidding.

Organizing for Action is just one of the far left nonprofit groups helping Obama try to smear President Trump. Obama’s supposedly grassroots organization is not winding down because he was forced to leave the White House — it is filling its war chest and preparing for battle!

The Organizing for Action website recently increased its recruitment of millennial snowflakes — you know, the clueless folks who have plenty of time to riot. “We’re not backing down,” a banner on the liberal group’s website pledged.

In what will hopefully be a failed endeavor to salvage Obama’s legacy, Organizing for Action is prepping to battle President Trump on four key issues. For one, the liberals still support the job-killing Obamacare program which has caused tens of thousands of small business owners and middle class Americans to go without insurance because they can’t afford the premiums or the deductibles if they get sick.

Climate change, illegal immigration, and race relations are also at the top of the “to do” list for Obama’s shadow government operatives. Anyone who thinks race relations improved under the 44th president of the United States hasn’t been paying attention!

Obama’s arrogance will not allow him to follow the respectful tradition of former presidents removing themselves from the political arena. His ego was far too bruised by Hillary Clinton’s loss to simply sit quietly and watch Trump make America great again.

A successful president in Trump would further diminish Obama’s legacy. The greater, safer, and more prosperous America becomes, the dimmer Obama’s administration will be viewed by history.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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