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BREAKING: Obama’s BROTHER Makes Shock Birth Certificate Announcement

One of the bigger topics of the election was Trump challenging whether or not Obama was a citizen of the United States, and he took a LOT of heat from Dems over this.

Oddly enough, Hillary’s camp were the ones to originally bring it up during her first crack at the White House.

But now, Obama’s brother dropped a bombshell, tweeting out a Kenyan birth certificate for Barack Obama…

After years of speculation, the White House sent out a form that it claimed was the actual birth certificate of then President Obama.

The much-anticipated certificate listed the Hawaiian island of Oahu as his birth place.

As you can see above, while the residence of the mother is listed as Hawaii and the father is listed from Wichita, Kansas, the birth itself is listed as taking place in Kenya.

If this certificate is authentic, it brings to light some significant questions about not only Obama’s citizenship, but the fact that he has been lying to the American people for years.

And that, in many people’s opinions, is the real problem here. If he would lie about something as significant as his place of birth, what else has he been lying to the American people about?

Mind you, this falls on the heels of Obama denying any and all allegations about wiretapping Donald Trump during the election period. How can anyone take those denials seriously any longer?

I would also have to say we have to take this certificate very seriously as it took years for the White House to actually publish a birth certificate for the actual president of the United States. Not really something any citizen of this country would have a problem doing.

Obama’s brother has surely kicked off a firestorm with this revelation that will not end anytime soon.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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