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BREAKING: Official Electors Make Terrifying Announcement – PRESIDENCY IN JEOPARDY

Ever since Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, liberals have been whining about how “unfair” this result was. Now, they have launched a sickening plan to steal the presidency from Trump, and it just might work.

We never thought they’d get this far…

The movement to stop Donald Trump from assuming the powers of the Oval Office as the 45th President of the United States continues to grow. The best possible scenario presently involves the electoral college voters choosing not to vote for Donald Trump when they cast their final vote toward his presidency. The individuals leading this movement call themselves the “Hamilton Electors“, and they are seeking to stop Trump at all costs.

Each state has its own electors and its own rules regulating how the electoral college members must behave. In some states it is a crime for electors to vote against their party’s choice for president, and in other states the electors are free to choose whomever they like. This position is what the Hamilton Electors are seeking to exploit.

While most of the electoral rebellion are Democrats, they are seeking to do something which will ruffle the feathers of their fellow party members: elect a Republican. In fact the Democratic electoral college rebels are looking to Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich to be their savior from Trump. The logic seems to be that by choosing a Republican instead of partisanly seeking to install Hillary Clinton as the president will allow certain Republican electors to maintain the cover they need within their own party to switch their votes.

To turn the voters in their favor they will be forced to persuade hundreds of individuals, and to do so in states which allow the electoral college to vote as they wish, which will only further shorten the pool.

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Source: Politicalreviewer

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