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BREAKING! Photo Surfaces That CLEARS Jeff Sessions Name! Look Who REALLY Lied About Russian Ambassador!

Democrats are going after Jeff Sessions for doing his job and meeting with a Russian ambassador while part of the Armed services committee. One Democrat who railed against Sessions was Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO).

McCaskill made it sound as if members of the Armed Services committee would NEVER meet with the Ambassador from Russia, so Sessions meeting MUST have been in connection to Trump’s campaign.

McCaskill tweeted attacking Sessions saying:

That sounds good and all, but as it turns out…


McCaskill met with the Russian Ambassador in 2013 and 2015.

There is even a photo of the meeting!

Democrats have some nerve to attack session when they did even worse.

We are witnessing a political witch hunt against our new Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The Democrats are DYING to connect President Trump to Russia in any way they can and they are getting desperate.

There is no basis to suggest Sessions committed any crime at all for doing his job as a Senator on the Armed Services Committee.

This is just yet another attempt to delegitimtize Trump’s presidency and it’s disgraceful. Shame on these Democrats for attempting to ruin the career of a great man.

H/T Libertywritersnews

They just can’t accept the fact that they lost this election, and they are using every dirty tactic they can think of to take this administration down.

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