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BREAKING: Potential Assassination Attempt on Trump Family, Details Being Released

Liberals are determined to take out our president one way or another, even it if means an outright assault.

Late Friday night, while President Trump was at the White House, a man carrying a backpack was arrested for breaking through White House Security.

According to the report, the potential assassin was on White House grounds shortly before midnight.

When the threat was neutralized, the White House was placed on “Orange Alert,” which is one of the highest states of readiness for the Secret Service.

While there are regularly attempts to breach the White House, the nature and location of this attack are particularly troublesome.

The Secret Service believes the man breached security on the east side and was making his way towards the residence entrance, so it would appear as though the potential attacker was definitely headed towards the president.

Both the liberal media and Democrats have been whipping the country up into a frenzy and it was literally only a matter of time before something like this was going to happen.

Several media outlets and Hollywood liberals have even suggested the only way to deal with Trump it to take him out, so naturally a few nut jobs are going to think they can become a national hero by assassinating President Trump.

Every time one of these outlets or stars is called out on their threats, they always use the “we were only joking” defense, but this potential threat makes it very clear the far-left loons do NOT think they are kidding and want to carry out the media’s and/or Hollywood’s bidding.

Make no mistake about it, President Trump is and will be in real danger for the entirety of his term if threats continue to go unpunished.

We expect more details on the potential assassination to be released throughout the day, so I will update you either here or with a new story as soon as we have more information.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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