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BREAKING – Powerful Figure Comes Forward, Evidence of Obama’s Guilt is OVERWHELMING

The Democrats will try to draw our attention away from Obama’s wiretapping scandal, but we can’t let them. This radio host just gave us more ammunition to clamp down on Obama’s guilt.

Mark Levin, who is a radio host as well as a lawyer, went onto Fox News’ Fox & Friends and stated, “The evidence is overwhelming. This is not about President Trump’s tweeting. This is about the Obama administration spying, and the question is not whether it spied,”.

The real question is who exactly the Obama administration was spying on, and to what extent they spied on the Trump campaign, his transition, and his surrogates.

Levin gave his reasons to believe Trump, and said that he has been told, by his sources, that “the FBI sought and was granted a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court” order. Simply put, this is spying.

It seems that the Obama Administration was investigating Trump in October, using the fake Russian connection as a simple excuse to learn his campaign strategies. Even private emails were given over to Obama’s lackeys to review.

According to Levin, six agencies — including the Justice Department, the CIA, FBI, and the NSA — knew about the investigation into Trump and his Russia ties before the election took place. He went on to say that they collaborated for months to try to influence the election. Obama had to have known about this.

The mainstream media is either working with Obama, or they’re confused. They’ve been consistently giving reports that are contradictory about the intercepted talks between Trump and Russia.

Levin, like other conservatives, is calling for an investigation into the Obama spying, arguing that there is more than enough evidence to get a FISA court order. It seems like many Democrats, from Chuck Schumer to Nancy Pelosi, were a part of this “cover-up.”

The Republicans control the majority in Congress and in the House, and the Democrats loathe that fact– so, they are trying to undermine our chosen politicians at every turn. It wouldn’t be a surprise to any of us if the whole Party is working to cover up the scandal.

Our president shouldn’t be using federal agencies to look into the candidates and try to undermine their run for the presidency; that is not how this country works. Obama has done a lot of shady things in this country over the past eight years, and this is one of the most heinous.

He abused his power to try to make sure that he could have dirt on Trump, so that his preferred candidate, Hillary Clinton, would be able to take power in this country. But the American people fought against the corruption of the lying left, and succeeded. Obama, and the rest of the Democrats, need to be brought to justice.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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