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BREAKING – President Trump Just Announced THIS Investigation into Major Obama CRIME

The Trump administration is launching an investigation into the crime Obama’s Department of Homeland Security may have committed.

Officials are looking into the hacking of the Georgia state government network, its election system included, which was committed by the DHS.

According to John Roth, the inspector general of the DHS, questions are being asked about why the government broke protocol and tried to hack the state government system ten times.

This system was overseen by Brian Kemp, the Georgia secretary of state, who has always been critical of Obama’s administration and the way it ran things. He never agreed with the administration’s wish to designate machinery for state elections as “critical infrastructure.”

Inspector General Roth sent a letter to Kemp, letting him know that the investigation was taking place. The evidence showed that the IP address of the hack was from the DHS.

Luckily, a firewall prevented the DHS from accessing the information, so the corrupt Obama administration was unable to carry out any plans it had in mind for Georgia. Kemp tried to resist the administration when he could and argued with Secretary of State Jeh Johnson on numerous occasions over this issue.

Kemp thought that Johnson’s push to make the election system “critical infrastructure” was just a “political power play to federalize the election.” I completely agree seeing as Johnson went ahead and issued the designation despite protests.

Proof of the use of government resources to hack a state system could point to Johnson and the Obama administration’s attempt to consolidate more power into the federal government. Thankfully, Trump has been a strong proponent of states’ rights.

Although Obama is out of the White House, he and anyone else involved can still be brought to justice for their crimes. Of course, the government is making up excuses, saying the hacks were part of a “training session.” That sounds like a pretty flimsy excuse to me. Why not warn Georgia you were going to conduct some training on its system? Or, you know, ask for permission to do so?

Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) isn’t buying the excuse either. Chaffetz is the chairman of the House Committee Oversight and Government Reform, and he is more than used to fighting to hold the government accountable.

Chaffetz told Roth, “If these allegations are true, they implicate state sovereignty laws and various other constitutional issues as well as federal and state criminal laws.” Federal Code Title 18 clearly states that it’s a crime to “knowingly access a computer without authorization.”

If it had been a “training session” as they claim, then why not make the party aware of the hack prior to acting so they would know it was a “friendly” test? There was no alert because they were acting illegally.

This could lead to a fine and 20 years in prison for each and every offense that was committed. There are ten possible offenses here. The Democrats are trying to once again to run from their crimes, but we, the American people, need to bring them to justice! They’re the ones who tried to influence the election, not Trump. And now, the whole world will know about it.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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