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BREAKING: Rand Paul DEFENDS President Trump, Warns People About John McCain’s Plot

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was no fan of Donald Trump during the primary, but the election is over now and it is time to get to work. Paul has come out strongly against fellow Senator John McCain’s plot to destroy President Trump!

Arizona Senator John McCain wants to launch a full-scale ground war in the Middle East. McCain, a failed presidential candidate, is all in for yet more nation building, and he appears to be willing to take down Trump to further his bloody goals.

“Actually we’re very lucky John McCain is not in charge because I think we would be in perpetual war,” Senator Rand Paul said during a Sunday interview on ABC. He added, “If you look at the map, there’s probably at least six different countries where John McCain has advocated for us having boots on the ground.”

McCain, like the Liberal elites, learned nothing from the 2016 election. The wave of support President Trump rode all the way to the White House was based upon an “America first” mandate, and not being the world’s policeman any longer!

Paul was exactly right when he surmised John McCain’s continued attacks on President Trump have a lot more to do with personal differences than valid concerns. As the Libertarian-leaning Kentuckian said, McCain’s aspersions should be taken with a “grain of salt” because he has been such a long-time proponent for war on multiple fronts.

During another Sunday interview on NBC, the Arizona Senators said this is “how dictators get started” when referencing our president! McCain is the chair of the Senate Armed Forces Committee.

Over the past several years, at least since his defeat at the hands of Barack Obama, John McCain has advocated for ground wars in at least six countries. How many Americans would have been needlessly killed if McCain had not been clobbered at the polls by the socialist community organizer from Chicago?

While in Munich, John McCain stood on foreign soil and bashed a sitting United States President! His disparaging of Trump was also, by direct extension, an insult on the tens of millions of Americans who voted for him.

McCain never referenced Trump by name, but his pointed comments made it very clear what he thought about the new leader and the direction our country is going. The Arizona Senator uttered strong support for the United States becoming even more involved in global affairs.

McCain is out-of-touch and seething with Trump hatred, just like a typical career politician. Another few weeks of these antics and vile comments and maybe the Democrats will welcome him into their caucus!

The 2016 presidential election was a great awakening of the silent majority. Alone, the blue collar worker, middle class American in the heartland, and patriots across the country might have no power, but when we act together, we can make enormous change.

Failing to grasp the mood of the nation is going to cause McCain and his fellow RINOs to be run out of office. We the People are paying attention!

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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