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BREAKING – Ron Paul Releases List of ‘FAKE’ News Sites And Reporters

Fake news… that is the hottest topic on the political scene in 2017 and Ron Paul may have just delivered a death blow to every outlet and reporter responsible in this scandal.

Ron Paul’s website’s fake news list includes the names of websites that have produced “fake news” stories throughout the presidential campaign for the entire country to see.

The list goes far beyond simply naming the news outlets and websites who churned out biased and fake news over and over again. It also includes the names of specific reporters who cast journalism ethics aside in favor or their own political leanings and loyalties.

“This list contains the culprits who told us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and lied us into multiple bogus wars. They tell us in a never-ending loop that ‘The economy is in great shape,’” The site said when publishing the fake news list to his website.

The article was sourced using the biased coverage using WikiLeaks documents and comments made by either the news website or individual staffers. Here’s a round-up of some of the fake news websites and journalists on the list:

ABC News was home to many of the reporters exposed. The reporters accused of giving biased coverage include: Diane Sawyer, Cecilia Vega, David Muir, Jon Karl, and George Stephanopoulos.

The New York Times also employs a multitude of so-called journalists accused of fake or biased news coverage. The staffers include: Jamil Smith, Gail Collins, Jonathan Martin, Amy Chozik, Maggie Haberman, Mark Leibovich, and Pay Healey.

CNN had more accused fake news reporters on the list than any other noted outlet. Some of those outed include: Wolf Blitzer, Sam Feist, Mark Preston, Kate Bouldan, John Berman, Jeff Zeleny, Gloria Borger, David Chalian, and Brianna Keilar.

Both Liberal online mega websites, the Huffington Post and the Daily Beast were also named on the fake news list. Whitney Snyder was the most notable Huffington Post biased writer. Also named was Jackie Kucinic, a Liberal sympathizer, a writer from the Daily Beast.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

Other fake news websites called out include: Politico, the Washington Post, MSNBC, NBC, and Vox. It would appear as though we have more fake news outlets in this country than we do honest ones. It is truly a sad day in America.

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