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BREAKING – Sanctuary Cities Officially CRUMBLE Under Trump Threats

Many states in America have sworn to stand up against President Trump’s decision to enforce immigration law. The common-sense move was not taken very well by liberals.

On January 25, President Trump put out an executive order withholding federal funds from cities which choose to be sanctuaries for illegals. It didn’t take long for the cities and counties to denounce their protection of illegal immigrants. (via Fox News)

The city of Dayton in Ohio just dropped its policy to impede police officer’s when dealing with illegals arrested for petty crimes.

Richard Biehl, the Police Chief of Dayton, said the city will not stand in his officer’s way anymore. It’s the smart move to choose federal funding over shielding the illegals from the law.

Other cities have been dropping their sanctuary policies as well, including Miami-Dade County in Ohio, Finney County in Kansas, Bedford in Pennsylvania, and Saratoga in New York. This is according to reports from the Center for Immigration Services, which is keeping a running list of the cities and counties involved.

The Mayor of Miami-Dade County was in the news recently, for refusing to hold immigrants for ICE officers unless the officers reimbursed the county for the cost of holding the individuals. How absurd!

But, when the Mayor found out that he could lose federal funding, all of a sudden he was more than happy to oblige the immigration officers and their requests. This sudden compliance is all thanks to Trump’s order, which gave the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security the authority to cut the funding.

While some communities are bowing under the pressure, others are refusing to do so. They have sworn to defy the order, no matter the cost. The Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, has stated that he will continue to defend illegals in the city.

The Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, has also promised to protect the illegals, even if they are suspects in a major crime! These Mayors are willing to make the American people suffer, all so they can have illegals in their city limits.

Why they believe they can refuse to comply with federal law is beyond me. As of now, around 300 cities are claiming sanctuary for illegals. Many of the communities are expected to drop their sanctuary status, as the reality that their communities will suffer under the funding cut kicks in.

Here is the one thing people seem to be overlooking, though. These mayors are now criminals themselves! They are harboring criminals, and they should all be put in jail for it! This is what we must demand from our Homeland Security and other federal agencies… to make these mayors answer for their crimes.

Until drastic measures are taken, these leaders are choosing their skewed vision of “justice” over the continued funding that supports the people who are legally in this nation. They are choosing people who broke the law to be here over the people who are legally here, and that is just criminal.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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