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BREAKING – Senate GOP Goes ‘Nuclear’ For Trump

The Republicans are no longer going to put up with the boycotting of Democrats, and they have done something that is sure to upset many on the left.

“They on their own accord refused to participate in the exercise,” Orrin Hatch stated of the Democrats refusing to show up to the committee. “They have nobody to blame but themselves,”.

Senate Republicans are moving forward two nominees of Trump’s cabinet without the Democrats, enacting the “nuclear” option that has been threatened if Dems keep playing games. These two nominees are Steve Mnuchin for treasury secretary and Rep. Tom Price for secretary of health and human services.

This move is an attempt to stop the Democrats from using various Senate procedures to try to prevent Republicans from getting their way. One example of the constant headbutting is the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Rules require that at least one Democrat has to be present for a panel vote, so that a nominee can go on to the Senate floor, but not one Democrat showed up on Tuesday, which halted the nominations of Price and Mnuchin.

The Democrats that represent our government are acting just like the liberals in the streets — protesting and throwing fits because they are not getting their way in this election year. Congratulations, Democrats — you are an embarrassment to your stations.

Hatch is the committee chairman and a Republican from Utah, and he noted that these circumstances are nothing short of extraordinary, and it allowed the Republicans to cast a vote to suspend the rules of having one Democrat present.

Now that the rules are suspended, the 14 Republicans who actually bothered to show up voted to push the nominations onto the Senate. So, this move by the Democrats was not only futile, but it was also quite brainless. We got what we wanted.

Of course, the mainstream media are throwing a fit at this turn of events, but Hatch has stated that this move was sanctioned by the Senate Parliamentarian and was a “just utilization” of the rules. The Republicans would not have done it if it wasn’t approved, not that the media will state that.

Democrats were concerned about the two nominations, stating they had misrepresentations in their testimonies, but rather than try to do anything about it, they just didn’t show up at all. That’s not a way to get what you want, you whiny Democrats.

They refused to do their jobs, and now that the Republicans voted without them, they are crying foul. One Democrat senator, Ron Wyden, has stated that is was “deeply troubling.” Well, it doesn’t matter what the Democrats’ problems are now because these nominations were pushed through because of their lack of appearance. You brought this on yourselves, Democrats.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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