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BREAKING: Sessions Makes Epic Move to Obliterate “Sanctuary Cities” – Your Response?

The Trump administration is moving along with its agenda of making America safe again by finally curbing the rampant illegal immigration encouraged by Democrats and Republicans over the last 30 years.

Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions has taken a powerful move against sanctuary cities. As promised by Trump, the DoJ is cutting funds to sanctuary cities, CBS News reports. If they don’t cooperate with ICE, they get no cash. AMAZING!

This monumental move is just what America needs to restore the rule-of-law. For far too long, sanctuary cities have faced no consequences for subverting federal immigration law and simultaneously putting innocent Americans in danger.

AG Sessions’ move stops sanctuary cities from getting funds through the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Programs, an important source of money for local crime-fighting efforts.

Sessions has made it clear that cities that refuse to comply with federal immigration officials will not receive a cent of funding from this program. After all, if they were really interested in stopping crime, they would help ICE go after criminal aliens.

Leftist sanctuary cities already have the highest crime rates in the country. Maybe when they see their crime rates increase even more, they’ll reconsider their decision not to work with immigration officers.

Our Attorney General isn’t holding back: “So-called ‘sanctuary’ policies make all of us less safe because they intentionally undermine our laws and protect illegal aliens who have committed crimes.”

Sessions also made it clear that everyone suffers under illegal immigration: “These policies also encourage illegal immigration and even human trafficking by perpetuating the lie that in certain cities, illegal aliens can live outside the law. This can have tragic consequences, like the 10 deaths we saw in San Antonio this weekend.”

He was referring to an incident in San Antonio, Texas, in which ten illegal immigrants were found dead in a parked trailer at a Walmart. About 20 other illegal aliens in the trailer were rushed to the hospital because of complications from heat stroke. As Texas’ Lt. Governor pointed out, this tragedy was directly caused by sanctuary cities, Breitbart reported.

People are enticed by sanctuary cities, thinking they can live above the law once they arrive in one. The criminals–the cartels, the drug dealers, the human traffickers–believe this, too. The crime from across the border must be stopped. That’s why Sessions is taking a stand. He’s clarifying what cities must do if they expect federal funding.

“From now on, the Department will only provide Byrne JAG grants to cities and states that comply with federal law, allow federal immigration access to detention facilities, and provide 48 hours notice before they release an illegal alien wanted by federal authorities,” Sessions said.

Fantastic! Now ICE will be able to deport the criminals right out of jail. No more catch and release. Thank goodness for the tag-team duo of Trump and Sessions. Our border and laws are respected once more!

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