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BREAKING: Sheriff Enforces Trump’s Illegal Immigration CRACKDOWN…All HELL Breaks Loose!

Last week, President Trump initiated a much-needed crackdown on illegal aliens in America.

In at least 6 states, immigration enforcement agents performed large-scale sweeps to capture illegals with known criminal records.

As a result of these operations, proponents of sanctuary cities and states have taken to the streets to demand an end to the “mistreatment” of these poor “undocumented immigrants.”

As reported at Townhall, thousands of protestors took to the streets in Milwaukee’s south side neighborhood, which is predominantly Hispanic, and marched all the way to the courthouse downtown.

The crowd was estimated at 10-20,000 and stretched a mile long.

Mexican flags were proudly flown and chants of “Si Podemos!,” or “Yes we can!” were loudly shouted.

Jose Flores, board president at Voces de le Frontera, a group that helped organize the march, expressed fear that Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark plans to cooperate with the feds and allow his deputies to perform immigration law enforcement functions.

It’s enraging that there are groups dedicated to helping illegals violate our nation’s laws.

Even more so, that their leaders dare to complain about police officers doing their jobs.

Many peoples got to be afraid, you know. Like many families in this county, there’s a lot of hard workers. They are not criminals. We are not criminals,” Flores said.

Actually Mr. Flores, these people, by definition, are criminals.

Activists were also marching in protest to Trump’s executive orders and plans to enforce immigration laws.

There’s a lot of hate in the country now with the new president and we march for that too,” Flores added.

Thankfully, sane people still exist.

The aforementioned Sheriff Clark has expressed a sincere desire to stop illegals from entering the United States.

There must be a zero tolerance for allowing people to illegally enter this country and establish permanent residency,” the sheriff said.

As it stands, this little protest will do nothing to prevent Clark and his deputies from doing their jobs.

It’s especially ironic to see illegals demand rights when they are not citizens, while also carrying the flag of the nation they fled.

One would think that if coming to America and staying here was such a big deal, they would refrain from showing a stronger allegiance to their former home, seeing how conditions were so bad that they fled to the US.

People who do not respect our laws and who are not citizens have no right to complain about our immigration policies.

H/T Americandailypatriot

Law and order will be restored no matter how many marches occur or how loudly these illegals whine and complain.

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