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BREAKING: Sheriff Joe Praises Trump for Heroic Border Push. Do You Support Trump?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is known for his stance on illegal immigration and strict prison applications in Maricopa County, Arizona. Liberals hate him because he supports Trump.

“I support him, and he keeps his promise about illegal immigration,” Sheriff Arpaio stated, via WND. “I think he did a big thing [saying] when they come across someone who’s here illegally, they’re going to be deported. I’m very proud of our president.”

Arpaio ran jails as they were supposed to be run — he was tough but fair, and liberals hated him for it. He also believed that illegals should be imprisoned after being caught, not released back out into the neighborhoods to disappear.

To many Americans, this is how prisoners should be treated. You shouldn’t be given posh living and all the amenities of the outside world — you committed a crime, and the punishment for committing that crime should not be pleasant. It’s supposed to deter you from wanting to commit a crime ever again.

He also strictly enforced immigration laws in Arizona, which got him into huge trouble with Obama’s administration. The Justice Department sued and accused him of unlawfully discrimination during his time as sheriff.

A federal judge, who was dedicated to unseating Arpaio, ruled him to be in contempt of court for not following orders that called for Arpaio to no longer “profile” Latinos. His battle in court is still ongoing.

As the sheriff of Maricopa County for six terms, he fought for his seventh but was unsuccessful. This was due to the millions given to his opponent, Paul Penzone, who succeeded Arpaio during the first of this year.

Under Penzone, the county changed many of the policies and rules. One of the changes included that illegal immigrants wouldn’t be kept in cells while awaiting to find out if they would be deported.

This is a move many ICE agents were not too happy about, saying this was a dangerous change. Now, Arizona is sure to run wild without their toughest sheriff in town. I’m sure Penzone will also relax the measures at the prisons.

Now, instead of the criminal illegals being detained and kept off the streets, they are put back to wreak havoc in the communities and against citizens once again. And it’s all because of the left’s “political correctness.”

Well, the liberals may have won the battle, but the right will win the war. President Trump and his administration are announcing that there won’t be any “exempt classes or categories of removable aliens from potential enforcement.”

Former President Obama refused to enforce this country’s immigration policies, keeping them lax while he made empty promises to the American people, but that’s not what President Trump will be doing while in the Oval Office. He will be cracking down on illegal immigration once and for all! Do you support this, as Sheriff Arpaio does?

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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