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You remember when we lost 5 Dallas Officers due to protest turned violent? You remember when Milwaukee went up in flames because of violent protests? Well we found one disgusting evidence about that.

From Conservative Daily Post:

It has been discovered that George Soros, the liberal billionaire, has been funding some of these protests and making them violent. It’s an attempt to cause as much civil unrest as possible; but one father has finally had enough.

Enrique Zamarripa is the father of one of the slain officers in the Dallas shootings. Patrick Zamarripa gave his life to save the people that were under attack by a rogue gunman. And now Enrique has just filed a lawsuit claiming that both Soros and the Black Lives Matter group, specifically activist Rashad Turner, have incited people to riot.

Because they were telling people to riot, it ended up costing Patrick his life. Enrique has finally had enough of it and filed a $550 million lawsuit against them for the death of his son.

“While Defendant Black Lives Matter claims to combat anti-black racism, the movement has incited and committed further violence, severe bodily injury and death against police officers of all races and ethnicities, Jews, and Caucasians. Defendant Black Lives Matter is in fact a violent and revolutionary criminal gang.”

If you need proof of this, you simply need to look at the areas that they have been “protesting.” In a city like Milwaukee they torched a gas station as a form of protest. A GAS STATION. It’s like they had absolutely no regard for anyone considering that they lit a fueling station on FIRE! If the fire wasn’t put out right away there could have been some serious damage done.

Going back to the July 7 incident in Dallas, members of the Black Lives Matter came out to protest the police shootings of two black men in both Minnesota and Louisiana. That was when Micah Johnson decided to open fire in to the crowd. And in the aftermath of everything, Patrick and four other police officers were killed.

The suit is blaming the Black Lives Matter movement’s rhetoric for influencing Johnson to attack the police. And there is some evidence to back this up. The group has told their followers “that there is a civil war between blacks and law enforcement, thereby calling for immediate violence and severe bodily injuy or death.”

Enrique did have a comment about this. “I want justice for my son. He served three tours in Iraq, he protected his country, and he protected everybody. And he gave up his life doing that. When people were running away from the gunshots, he was running toward them.”

What is interesting to note is that Next Generation Action Network, which was the group that organized the July 7 protest, was frustrated by the lawsuit. “You’re suing somebody who had nothing to do with this rally. The only thing this [lawsuit] has done is continue to feed the rhetoric. There is a problem in America, and we have to come together to address it.”

Except that Soros and the Democratic Party have been discovered to pay some of the protesters to create as big a disturbance as possible. They are literally doing what they can to make sure that the peace is disturbed. Not to mention that the Democratic Party has been sympathetic to the Black Lives Matter group.

But this group has proven time and time again that they are going to do nothing more than incite riots and create damages. Again they lit a GAS STATION on fire! Everyone who has been to school knows that gasoline is FLAMMABLE. But that was just what they did in Milwaukee.

Back when Florida was bracing for Hurricane Matthew, a couple of Black Lives Matter supporters thought that they would get ahead of the game and LOOT the areas that had been evacuated. Yes they were going to riot and loot and steal things just because most of the state had evacuated the area. Because that is really what a peaceful group does right?

But of course the Black Lives Matter group has gotten some support from the Democrats as well. They particularly received support from Clinton. She openly supported them over the police force that goes out to make sure that everyone is safe from the CRIMES that people go and commit.

In one endorsement, Clinton proved that she doesn’t care about the police or what they stand for. She would rather support a group that goes out and riots and loots over the people that are going to save you from danger. What a wonderful choice the former Democratic presidential nominee made.

Obviously Soros has paid the protesters, and the father of one of the Dallas Officers has taken a stand about this, he is taking them on court. Share this article to your friends to show what BASTARD Soros is.

Oh I forgot, we already know!

Source: Conservativedailypost

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