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BREAKING: Surprising Democrat Caught Receiving $500,0000 “GIFT” From Russians. NO MEDIA.

Once again the mainstream media has proven it has zero integrity. Hypocrisy reigns supreme each and every time a Democrat does the same thing, or a worse deed, than a Republican — don’t expect to hear about this on the nightly news!

Bill Clinton raked in $500,000 for a 1-hour speech for an investment bank with “ties to the Kremlin.”

Bill was paid by the renaissance Capital Bank while Hillary was running the State Department. As noted by Breitbart, the fat check handed to Bill Clinton occurred as a Russian state nuclear company was buying a majority share of Uranium One.

Russia’s leading uranium producer has mining rights in the United States. This might have been another pay-to-play situation at the State Department, but we will never know because the media refuses to do its job when it comes to Democrats, and the Clintons in particular.

How the liberal pundits keep a straight face when trying to shame Jeff Sessions out of the Justice Department over some made-up controversy is beyond baffling. They all gave the benefit of the doubt to former Attorney General Loretta Lynch when she had a private meeting on the tarmac with Bill Clinton while Hillary was being investigated for her emails.

Sure, the liberal supposed journalists were forced to admit the meeting looked bad, but they made plenty of excuses for Lynch too. They claimed Bill Clinton ambushed her and it would be essentially impossible to walk away from a former president, especially without being rude, which is ridiculous!

The mainstream media applauded Lynch’s decision to agree to go along with the FBI’s recommendation in the Clinton case. They did not call for her to immediately step down, for an investigation to be launched into her actions, or for her to officially recuse herself from the classified email investigation.

Jeff Sessions and his fellow Senators, top Democrats among them, met with a host of ambassadors at an Obama administration meeting, which was scheduled long before the election, to discuss an education program. The media wants his head on a platter for “lying” about the meeting.

Sessions is being defiled as a liar and treasonous Russian sympathizer simply for attending the meeting. The Clintons, along with Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer also met with the Russians – including Vladimir Putin. They all got a free pass for this.

Sessions did not lie. He answered the question that was asked, which was directly related to Russian contact during the election and while serving as a Trump surrogate. Also, there is still no real evidence the Russian acted to influence our election process at all.

If Obama’s intelligence agency officials really wanted to figure out who was behind the hacking of the DNC emails, they would have actually delved into the computer system themselves, and perhaps, just perhaps, talked to Julian Assange, who leaked the embarrassing missives by Hillary’ campaign, on WikiLeaks.

Getting to the truth is no longer a goal of the mainstream media in the United States. It hasn’t been for a long time — at the very least not for the past eight years!

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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