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BREAKING – Top Democrat Caught In $2 MILLION Bribery Scheme, Trump Prepares to Investigate

A Davis County prosecutor is demanding to know why two federal agencies backed away from an investigation into whether one of the most prominent liberal senators in our government took a $2 million bribe.

The Davis County Prosecutor, Troy Rawlings, said a $2 million cashier’s check was drawn at a St. George bank on November  5, 2010. Rawlings wants to know why both the Justice Department and the FBI stepped away from the investigation linked to the then Senate majority leader Harry Reid, Breitbart reports.

The $2 million cashier’s check was then reportedly shipped via FedEx to a Los Angeles attorney. The attorney represented a Full Tilt Poker business based in Ireland.

Mail Media LTD is a Full Tilt Poker business reportedly used to launder online gambling funds. The cashier’s check was ultimately deposited at Basler Kantonalbank in Switzerland where Mail Media had an account.

According to the Davis County prosecuting attorney who was following the money trail, the $2 million check found its way to a Marshall Islands account opened in the name of Searchlight Holding Inc. to benefit, or perhaps even bribe, Harry Reid. At the time, Reid held a lot more power in the Senate and was being courted to push through a bill to legalize Mail Media LTD’s gaming systems across the United States.

“We are looking into allegations related to Senator Reid (and others) due to…the overlap in facts and multiple witnesses with the Mark Shurtleff case (Mr. Shurtleff himself even reported what he felt may be potential crimes)…[and] the direction of the evidence we have accumulated — it demands a thorough vetting by someone with authority,” Rawlings said in a written statement shared by the Hill.

The investigation into the alleged money laundering scheme and bribe was massive. Thousands of pages of transcripts, investigator summaries, emails, court filings, public records requests, audio recordings, and related requests for evidence were gathered by state and federal law enforcement agents.

“Harry Reid is presumed innocent and may actually be innocent,” Rawlings said in a written statement. He added a “real, vibrant grand jury investigation” could exonerate Reid, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

Rawlings’s urging for a grand jury to be called appear to have been met with roadblocks. Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes’s office has not reportedly released the fund necessary for the case to move forward in spite of months spent negotiating for exactly that to occur.

Even though the leg work allegedly indicated that a vigorous investigation with potential ties to Harry Reid has been completed, the DOJ and the FBI did not move forward on the case.

A representative from Reid’s office previously deemed the bribery allegations “unsubstantiated” and accused Rawlings of merely trying to garner attention needed to further his political career. The claims will forever remain unsubstantiated if the DOJ and FBI refuse to move forward with the investigation.

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