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BREAKING – TRAITOR John McCain Destroyed His Career With This Sickening Statement

This is eye-opening! John McCain reveled his crooked face, just like the rest of the Democrats! He joined the whiners club, still not being able to make peace with Hillary’s failure at this year’s presidential election. He kept on stating the preposterous idea that Russian hackers brought Trump the victory.

Everyone dismissed the Democrats’ claims, considering them ‘ridiculous’, but McCain went on another level and spoke about this nonsense on national TV.

Check out the video of McCain’s hopeless attempt to undermine Trump’s win and try anything to stop him from becoming president and Kellyanne Conway’s response:

Such a disgrace!

John McCain just stuck a knife into our country’s back and ended his career! He is a traitor and shouldn’t be tolerated! It’s about time the Democrats accept Trump as our new president, who will ‘Make America Great Again’!

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Source: National Insider Politics

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