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BREAKING: Trump ANNOUNCES Official Lineup of Inauguration Performers… HOLD ONTO YOUR SEATS!

Since the entertainment industry in this country is controlled by closed-minded liberals, Donald Trump has had trouble convincing A-list celebrities to agree to perform at his inauguration, as they believe they would be putting their careers at risk in doing so.

Trump, however, has fired back by saying once again that he doesn’t give a hoot about liberal Hollywood. Instead, he cares about REAL, working Americans.


Young Conservatives reported that despite the backlash, some groups have agreed to perform at the inauguration of our 45th president. These groups include the Rockettes, who will be made up of volunteers after some threatened to boycott.

The Talledega Marching Tornadoes from the historically black Talledega College will perform despite pressure from race-baiters to refuse.

Jackie Evancho, a former finalist on America’s Got Talent, has seen a major increase in her album sales ever since she signed on to sing at the inauguration.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir will be performing as well.

Other groups slated to perform include several college and high school bands, US Border Patrol Pipes & Drums, NYPD Emerald Society Pipes & Drums.

On top of that Newsmax reported that Boris Epshteyn, director of communications for the inaugural committee, said that Trump’s inauguration parade will include over 8,000 participants and 40 organizations. He said that those in the parade will represent “the truly best of America,” adding that there will be representatives from the military as well as the New York City Police Department. Several veterans service organizations will take part in the inauguration parade as well.

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Source: Conservativepost

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