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BREAKING: Trump ANNOUNCES Who Will Perform at Inauguration – FANS SHOCKED!

Since the liberal entertainment industry is so against Donald Trump, the president-elect has had some trouble convincing singers to perform at his inauguration. This week, the latest band to be linked to Trump’s inauguration is The Beach Boys, and they are reportedly having trouble deciding if performing is worth the backlash they will undoubtedly receive.

Page Six reported reported that a source close to the band, which is known for hits like Surfin’ USA and Good Vibrations, said that the singers are having difficulty coming to a decision on this.

This comes after the band KISS and Celine Dion both turned down invitations to perform at the inauguration. TheWrap reported that Las Vegas casino owner Steve Wynn had promised Trump he could convince Dion to perform at the January 20 inauguration, but he was unable to follow through.

Daily Mail reported that country music singer Garth Brooks also turned down an invitation to sing for Trump.

“Garth has performed for the five living presidents,” his publicist Nancy Seltzer said on December 9. “While rumor has it that he has been asked to perform for President-elect Trump, he has not been able to commit yet.”

As of this writing, the only acts that have confirmed that they are performing are the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and America’s Got Talent personality Jackie Evancho, 16.

“I felt really honored to be able to sing for the office. It’s a great honor for me,” Evancho told TODAY this week.

The Beach Boys’ decision about the inauguration has likely been made even harder by the backlash they have received from liberal idiots on Twitter.

It’s sad that liberal entertainers aren’t even free to perform at Trump’s inauguration without getting tons of hate.

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Source: Thepoliticalreviewer

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