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BREAKING – Trump is BOYCOTTING the UN. Do You Support?

President Donald Trump is keeping up his staunch commitment to put “America first” in every way — meaning the United Nations is no longer a priority.

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) is wrapping up its 34th session, and the Trump administration is boycotting the meeting because the council is attempting to push at least five measures against our close ally, Israel.

The resolutions against Israel are considered to be a targeted attack against the Jewish state. Israel is the only member nation to be specifically targeted in any resolution. Keeping with his commitment to Israel, Trump intends to send a strong message to the meeting and the other members.

The boycott is part of a larger effort of the administration to significantly reform the Human Rights Council, whose members include major human rights abusers.

The council is clearly biased against Israel. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, yet they are targeted by the UNHRC while other members, such as the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, remain unchallenged, despite despotic regimes that frequently kill citizens.

A senior official from the White House defended the boycott, claiming, “The UNHRC is, like its predecessor, morally bankrupt, and the only good news is that its actions have little practical effect in the real world. We’ve wasted enough time and money on it.”

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson threatened to withdraw from the council if major reforms are not undertaken, with the boycott being the first step in that process. This will show members that the U.S. is committed to their reforms, and we are willing to leave and take our funding with us.

President Trump’s support of Israel is a course correction after the Obama administration broke away from decades of U.S. policy to target the Middle Eastern democracy. Immediately before he left the White House, Obama pushed for the council to condemn the Jewish state, threatening our closest ally in the region.

Obama’s attack against Israel was just another of his actions that aligned with the interests of Saudi Arabia, which is odd considering the former president’s connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama needed to sneak the resolution in on his last days in office, as he knew the American people would not support throwing Israel under the bus.

The bias against Israel puts the credibility of the council into question. Compared to other members, such as China, Qatar, and Venezuela, Israel is a bastion of human rights. The council is made up of numerous monarchs and communist nations, yet Israel is the only member to be specifically targeted in the entire history of the UNHRC.

The Trump administration has vowed to vote against every anti-Israeli motion put forth by the council, and they are calling for all other members to do the same.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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