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BREAKING! Trump Has Finally Done It! Lobbyists Are Furious! See More Below …

After a week’s of presidential election Trump maintains the promise of ” Draining the Swamp ” in Washington DC with a new decision, and with this he infuriated lobbyists.

From Liberty Writers News:

In a historical political move that has not been seen until now, Trump declared that ALL officials working with his campaign, on his transition team, and in his cabinet will be BANNED from working as DC lobbyists for 5 years to prevent them from abusing their connections for self-gain.

Not only that, but ANYONE who wants to work for Trump is now required to immediately end ALL of their current connections to lobbying groups or be fired instantly.

Donald was not done yet. To put the icing on the cake, he has also moved to officially have the term lobbyist apply to ALL DC insiders working as ”consultants” or ”advisors” when in reality, ”we all know they are lobbyists.”

Video by CNN – Trump Drain the Swamp !!

Of course, all the senators and lobbyists are terrified of the situation. Mitch McConnel refused to acknowledge the ban when pressured by reporters while the National Institute for Lobbying and Ethics tried to intimidate Trump by saying ” This will have a chilling effect on his hiring, no doubt. ”

Uh, yeah. Now Donald Trump will have to hire people NOT trying to line their pockets with hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. Sounds like a real loss to me … NOT!

What do you think about this?

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